When you are spending a beautiful, cool evening around the concrete fire pit with your friends and family there’s nothing quite like it. You can keep yourself cozy by hugging up to that warmth while enjoying some of those favorite campfire treats- marshmallows, chocolate bars for roasting on sticks or graham crackers to create s’mores! Adding in an outdoor fireplace will increase the value of your home too because what good is having great patio furniture if you don’t have somewhere nearby to heat them?

In addition to a fire pit, you can also create an outdoor fireplace. This will give your party more of that cozy feeling in the evening with all those pleasant scents and flickering light from embers. You’ll need either a gas or wood burning stove (gas is preferred because it doesn’t require any chopping) and then surround the area with stones to create a chimney effect.

As any real estate agent knows adding concrete projects onto one’s property such as patios; walkways; rock walls also increases their worth so be sure not miss out when looking into adding these types of upkeep items during construction time.